Dowsing & Radionics


Historically, the world of dowsing has attracted much longer and raise the curiosity of many people.

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Is-that everyone can make Dowsing

We all, more or less marked, the sense of intuition. Wonderful intuition, when he trusted, we avoid the pitfalls that leads us to the right choices in any area of ​​life. If a privileged few possess with such intensity that they need no clock and no external assistance, it is not the case for most of us: we need to develop

Dowsing is the best means of regaining our instinctive sensitivity, our sense of "touching distance". According Servranx brothers, "Dowsing is a set of special processes that allow to find the hidden, buried, lost, mixed, inaccessible, or imponderable imperceptible in other ways. "

Dowsing allows us ness research in numerous areas of health, food choices, career counseling, research of lost objects, character analysis, life choices ... But beyond these experimental fields, it enriches our perceptions, refines our sensitivity, our conscious illuminates the intuition that goes beyond the limited scope of our senses and opens unexpected horizons ... Noted finally that dowsing is extremely simple, and it is done more easily than it does explain!

Felix and his brother William were Servranx Belgian and passionate about dowsing. Tireless researchers and experimenters, they wrote many books, founded in 1946 a journal: Dowsing for All, which was published until 1967, lectured, rubbed all the great diviners of the time ...

This great work is of paramount importance for all dowsers but also for those interested in research micro-vibration, the energy and those who wish to take control of their health, personal development through techniques accessible to all , dowser or not.
We re-edited all these documents, essentially practical, dynamic and surprisingly modern methods, all performance equipment to put at the disposal of the greatest number of stakeholders.


Sophie de Romrée