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Barre atlante

The Atlants' bar

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Origin and action of the Atlant's bar

The actual shape of the Atlant's bar is as close as possible to the original stone ring found by the marquis d'Agrain in a tomb of a pharaoh in Egypt. He gave a ring to his daughter who later married count André de Bélizal. Bélizal is the French researcher who, with is fellows P.A. Morel and Léon Chaumery worked to the very end on the effect of Egyptian devices on human beings.

He found for instance that the Atlant's bar (and the ring from which it is derived) will compensate any energy break induced or originating from the earth magnetic coverage.
On the other hand, the bar will saturate and return the saturation energy after a certain time. It is easy to get rid of that saturation with a prendulum (Thoth pendulum for example) that the dowser holds above the bar (or its patern) while it turns counter clockwise. The operation is over when the pendulum suddenly stops and hangs totally still.

The bar that P. A. Morel calls Louksor comes from a model found in a egyptian sarcophagus. The Louksor bar will create a protected zone from any strength rupture coming from harmful cosmotelluric or artificial (tomb raiders, etc.) waves or vibrations.

If the ring is exceptionally strong in its original shape, P. A. Morel found that when its shape was represented in a flat bar shape, it would saturate upto a point that it would produce a vibration of negativ green which is a ionizing vibration. After having studied the problem, Morel added new structures at each end. But that bar finally also saturates. To get rid of that saturation, simply use a pendulum as described hereabove.

In their book "Physique micro-vibratoire et forces invisibles", André de Bélizal and P. A. Morel say that the bar, as presented here, has an operating spheric diameter range of about 20 to 30 meters. But it is recommended to base yourself on a radius of 15 meters for a normal house with basement and attic. Within that space, any strength rupture, whether telluric or magnetic are compensated and balanced. Therefore, hand the bar somewhere in the center of your home. For larger buildings it sounds logical to work with two or more Atlants' bars.

The bar has been experimented by Jacques La Maya who described it in his famous book "Médecine de l'habitat".

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