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Batteries NEUTRAL - Boîte de 7 batteries

NEUTRAL batteries - Box of 7 batteries

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References : Batteries NEUTRAL - Boîte de 7 batteries

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Neutralising harmful radiations

Servranx batteries – paterns or means of action in dowsing, radionics, geobiology and kinesiology.

Each set is presented in a cardboard box bearing our logo and colours.

  • We are surrounded by sources of harmful radiations.
  • With our neutral batteries, you will be able to identify thoses harmful sources and, thereafter, neutralise them very easily and efficiently whatever the origin and the type of radiation : ground (land), electrical, magnetic, geobiologic, chemical, physical or psychological.
  • These batteries are efficient and are effective on any type of life, as well as for human beings, animal and plants.

We suggest you to read the following book :
« Accus et batteries » written by Felix and William Servranx.

Each battery is made to reload itself after use. These batteries are unalterable and cannot be impregnated with outside radiations.

Action principle

The regerenerating principle is made by the coil circulating inside each battery. The black material has been submitted to the radiations of a radionic device specially made by the Servranxs’ brothers in order to neutralise harmful radiations. The clear product has been submitted to a similar suractivating process in order to regenerate the battery.

Each battery has a special duty

NEUTRAL battery 1 brown    will neutralise    ground radiations
NEUTRAL battery 2 yellow                              electrical radiations
NEUTRAL battery 3 orange                              magnetic radiations
NEUTRAL battery 4 light orange                      undefined objets' radiations
NEUTRAL battery 5 light blue                          chemical radiations
NEUTRAL battery 6 red                                    physical radiations
NEUTRAL battery 7 dark pink                          psychic radiations.

Each battery is available by the piece.

How to use these batteries ?
  • First use the pendulum above a chart giving the various and/or current harmful radiations which may upset the patient.
  • Holding the pendulum above the patern of the patient, point to touch each battery one by one until answer is given by the pendulum to your question : would this battery be the partern of the battery that will help the patient to cope with his environment or that will cure his trouble ?
  • Once you have found out the right battery use it to send correcting radiations to the patient with the adequat radionic divice as explained in the manual.

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