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Batteries FORCE-S - Boîte  de 10 batteries

S FORCES batteries – Box of 10 batteries

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References : Batteries FORCE-S - Boîte de 10 batteries

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Real vital energy condensers and batteries

Servranx batteries – paterns or means of action in dowsing, radionics, geobiology and kinesiology.
Each set is presented in a strong cardboard box bearing our logo and colours.

  • These batteries use the subtle forces of our environment and combine them with the numerological symbolism to put people in harmony with the universe.
  • These real condensers and batteries of vital energy can enhance the vitality of human beings on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels.
  • As with the other series of batteries, it is by selecting with a pendulum (dowsing) which battery suits to a patient that one may discover its deficiency and to what it corresponds in the herebelow chart.
  • After having determined by dowsing or kinesiology the one or more necessary batteries the patient should refer to, simply load its vibration, either directly to the patient by puting it in his hand to hold, or by impregnating some basic liquid or food the patient will ingest.
  • One can also send the information (vibration) to the patient with the radionic techniques. These batteries are also very effective for animals and plants.
  • For more information, we recommend the book « Accus et batteries » written by F. et W. Servranx.

Technical information

These batteries have been conceived after so called radionic technique of the « 36 forces » which were issued in the 1940’s by the Servranx brothers.

Each « S force » battery contains the following elements :
  • one color transmitter acting as dynamiser of a cosmic number tuned with the target and the S forces to be activated for each battery,
  • one metalic self of 22 coils treated, galvanized and irradiated (Servranx method),
  • one aluminium cylinder electro-flashed charged,
  • one load of irradiated sodium (white cristals).
The combination of these elements give to each « S force » battery its particularly powerful energy.

Chart of the various actions of each S force battery.

S FORCE N°1   – 97531 – Life, thought, specific conscience.

S FORCE N°2   – 68024 – Vital and physical magnetism.

S FORCE N°3   – 73159 – Nervous and sexual energy.

S FORCE N°4   – 08642 – Radioactivity, desintegration, nuclear energy.

S FORCE N°5   – 28046 – Ultraviolet and ultrasonic vibrations.

S FORCE N°6   – 79135 – Vital dynamic and vital static electricity.

S FORCE N°7   – 62840 – Physical dynamic and static electricity.

S FORCE N°8   – 57913 – Infrared, heat, light vibrations.

S FORCE N°9   – 24680 – Development, transformation, change.

S FORCE N°10 – 13579 – Spiritual strength, abstract consciousness.
  • One must admit that official sciences very often neglect or simply ignore the importance of condensed energies that offer a large panel of new energies (forces) and fields to experiment.
  • That this situation overtakes the human understanding, even among our most open minded scientific searchers, is a fact we deeply regret. Our field is the one offered by dowsing, something of which we know the real value.

Each battery is available separately :

S FORCE battery n°1
S FORCE battery n°2
S FORCE battery n°3
S FORCE battery n°4
S FORCE battery n°5
S FORCE battery n°6
S FORCE battery n°7
S FORCE battery n°8
S FORCE battery n°9
S FORCE battery n°10
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