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Accus COSMIQUES - Boîte de 7 accus

COSMIC BATTERIES - Box of 7 batteries

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References : Accus COSMIQUES - Boîte de 7 accus

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Revitalization of the chakras

F. & W. Servranx & associates
  • Servranx batteries - paterns or means of action in dowsing, radionics, geobiology and kinesiology.
  • Each set is presented in a cardboard box bearing our logo and colours.
  • The 7 batteries of this set bring to each of the 7 chakras (or energy centers of the human body) their particular cosmic energy. Each battery, because of its numbers and color combination in direct contact with a metal alloys, captures the right cosmic energy which is necessary to the chakra to which it is intended. After having received its share of proper energy, each chakra will transfer that energy to the body. After having determined the one or more right batteries necesssary to heal the patient, simply load the vibrations of each battery to the patient either directly or through impregnated materials.
  • The user manual is included.
  • Each battery is available on its own. Simply type its code name (C1, C2, etc.) in the research window on top of this page to link yourself to the right item.
We suggest you to read the following book
Accus et batteries

Action principle
  • We have been able to determine the right number suitable to each battery by dowsing them over the Servranx chart 17. Each number (i.e. «85367» for battery C1) receives (captures) the subtle energy from cosmic origin and brings to the human body a potential quantity of vital energy suitable to top body and mind balance and dynamism.
  • Adding to these numbers the rythms activity of combined colors and alloys, the battery brings new vitality to the chakras of our etheric body. Each chakra will then transfer these new energies throughout our body.
  • The indications R4, R6, etc. define the duty of each battery showing on which chakra it will actually be active. We remind you that each battery is available on its own.

Connection between batteries and chakras

C.1 - 85367 - 4 beams      R.4 - active on the basic center (coccyx).
C.2 - 45589 - 6 beams      R.6 - active on the centre of the sacrum.
C.3 - 35689 - 10 beams    R.10 - active on the navel center.
C.4 - 23337 - 12 beams    R.12 - active onthe haert center.
C.5 - 56669 - 16 beams    R.16 - active onthe throat center.
C.6 - 46623 - 96 beams    R.96 - active on the third eye.
C.7 - 99890 - 960 beams  R.960 - active on the crown center (top of the head).

Connection between the batteries and what it heals

C.1 - Action on the sexual organs. Blood circulation, spinal cord, spine, intercostal nerve.
C.2 - Action on the spleen and, thus, on the composition and regeneration of blood (red and white blood cells, etc.).
C.3 - Action on the navel, the center of sensations. Action on the entire abdomen in general, but especially on the solar plexus, stomach, liver and instestins.
C.4 - Action on organic and functional heart. Regulating the heartbeat. Tonic of the heart muscle and aorta.
C.5 - Action on the larynx, pharynx, salivary glands, thymus, vocal cords and, indirectly, on hearing (inner ear), bronchi and lungs.
C.6 - Action on total pituitary, the pineal gland and the glandular system in general. Indirect action on the cerebral cortex (brain), the brain and cerebellum.
C.7 - Action on the intellectual, moral and spiritual faculties. Promotes temperamental balance and allows changes to be towards the higher spheres of the psyche.
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